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Code Red Body Soap


The fragrance of this soap is a perfect match to our most popular scent, Code Red. It’s a complex scent combines spicy and citrusy notes with a hint of warmth and sensuality. The smell is subtle but refreshing, leaving you feeling energized and confident.

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Introducing Code Red Body Soap

Luxurious Fragrance, Clean Confidence

Code Red Body Soap offers more than just cleanliness—it provides an experience. Crafted for those in search of a natural soap with an exceptional scent, this soap promises to leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Made with high-quality ingredients, it offers a gentle yet effective cleanse, leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

A Scent to Enliven the Senses

The fragrance of this soap is a perfect match to our most popular scent, Code Red. It boasts a complex blend of spicy and citrusy notes with a hint of warmth and sensuality. This subtle yet refreshing scent will leave you feeling energized and confident throughout the day.

All-Natural Ingredients for Peace of Mind

What sets this soap apart is its unwavering commitment to all-natural ingredients. Furthermore, we understand the importance of what you apply to your body, which is why we use only the finest natural ingredients in our products. Our soap, including this luxurious option, is formulated to leave you feeling confident about what you’re putting on your skin.

Creamy Texture, Hydrated Skin

The creamy and luxurious texture of Code Red Body Soap makes it a delight to use. Additionally, it easily lathers into a rich foam, effectively cleansing your skin without stripping away its natural oils. Whether you have sensitive skin or not, moreover, this soap is gentle enough for all skin types, leaving your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and nourished.

Stylish Convenience for Everyday Use

Available in a stylish and convenient bar, Code Red Body Soap is perfect for everyday use. Its compact design makes it ideal for home or travel, ensuring you can enjoy its luxurious benefits wherever you go.

Experience the Difference

If you’re seeking a natural soap with a luxurious fragrance that leaves you feeling clean and refreshed, indeed, look no further than Code Red Body Soap. Additionally, crafted with high-quality ingredients and a fragrance inspired by our Code Red scent, it’s gentle on your skin and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, give it a try today and experience the revitalizing power of natural ingredients.

Soap Care Tips

To make your soap last longer, additionally, do not let it sit in water. Use a quality soap dish that allows the water to run off.


  • coconut oil
  • palm oil
  • safflower oil
  • stearic acid
  • purified water
  • sodium hydroxide
  • vegetable glycerin
  • tussah silk
  • sorbitol
  • sorbitol oleate
  • oat protein
  • natural colorant
  • natural fragrance


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Ah, the elusive bar of soap. So many of us have been baffled by its use - do you rub it on your body or lather it up in your hands first? Fear not, my friend, for I am here to guide you through the treacherous journey of using a bar of soap.

First, ensure you're safe and secure because things are about to get wild. Grab the bar of soap and stare at it intensely for a few seconds. Let it know who's boss.

Next, wet your body with warm water. This is a crucial step because a dry body is not receptive. It's like trying to get a cat to take a bath - it won't happen.

Now, it's time to get down to business. Some people will tell you to lather the soap in your hands first, but we both know that's for beginners. Real soap connoisseurs know that the proper way to use a bar of soap is to rub it directly on your body. Yes, you heard that right. Rub that bar of soap all over yourself like a caveman discovering fire for the first time.

But be warned - this technique is not for the faint of heart. Rubbing a bar of soap directly on your body takes skill, precision, and a certain level of bravery. But if you're up for the challenge, it can be a truly exhilarating experience.

Once you've successfully lathered up your body, rinse off the suds with warm water. Take a moment to marvel at your clean and refreshed skin. Congratulations, you've successfully used a bar of soap.

Finally, make sure to store your bar of soap properly. Some people like to leave it on the tub's edge, while others prefer to keep it in a fancy soap dish. Whatever you do, just don't leave it lying on the floor - that's how accidents happen.

In conclusion, using a bar of soap may seem daunting, but with courage and determination, you can also master the art of bar soap usage. So go forth, my friend, and conquer that bar of soap like the brave soul you are.