We Are Whiskermen

Whiskermen is proudly owned and operated by a disabled veteran in Ohio. As a fine producer of Ohio disabled veteran beard care products, we use only the highest-quality ingredients. Unlike most others, we personally make every product to ensure that you receive only the best beard kits and beard care items on the market so you can truly enjoy your grooming experience. Our all-natural beard grooming and shave products are designed to keep you always looking your best.

Our beard kits and grooming products stand out because we are the first to develop purpose-driven items. Every beard care product is specifically designed for the occasion or activity you are entering that day. Whether you're dragging yourself out of bed for work or preparing for a special event, we have you covered.

We pride ourselves on innovation, and it shows in our brand. Men's grooming is a re-emerging market, and our vision is to take charge of bringing it back to life. We aim to help our fellow Whiskermen Grow or Show Greatness.

For Those Who Want to Grow Greatness

We believe that beard and mustache products are not just for those with long or bushy beards, our goal is to develop products for every stage of whisker growth, from beard kits to beard care. Every ingredient has different properties and purposes and we are dedicated to formulating the perfect blend and utilizing these properties so that every man can have a great beard and mustache experience.

We Take Our Services And Quality To The Next Level

Our guarantee is that we will not sell anything we do not use or wear ourselves. We take a lot of pride in our brand and our beard grooming products and if you are not completely satisfied with our products please reach out. Our customers are very important to us and our success relies on your satisfaction.

Why Choose Us?

So why Whiskermen? Sure, other companies are making products for today's whiskermen, so what makes us different? Not only do we use the finest 100% natural ingredients Mother Nature has to provide, but we are also dedicated to using local ingredients whenever possible because we strongly believe in reinvesting into our community first before trying to save a dollar.

Moreover, Whiskermen is proudly owned and operated by a disabled military veteran. We bring a commitment to excellence and a strong sense of integrity to everything we do. Last but certainly not least, Whiskermen is here to bring back the old-fashioned customer service that used to exist. We will be professional and timely in our responses to you and treat you with the respect and dignity every person deserves.