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Fuzzy Face Forest Fixer Kit


The Fuzzy Face Forest Fixer Kit comes with the following: 

Choice of Beard Oil

Choice of Beard Butter

Choice of Beer Soap

Wood Comb

Book: From Stubble to Style: A Complete Guide to Beard Grooming & Mastery


Barber Shop: The essence of an old-time barbershop. It will transport you to a bygone era of distinguished elegance and masculine charm.

Bearded AF: Leather, tobacco, coffee & woodsmoke.

Bourbon Whiskey: Sweet caramel top notes with creamy, vanilla, and dry woody undertones.

Campfire: A crisp, woodsy scent and a hint of clove, Campfire contains only the finest essential oils that naturally keep those bloodsuckers off you.

Cedar Leather: A classic, masculine scent with notes of woodsy, amber musk, and tonka bean.

Code Red: Spicy red composition of wood, hot amber, and red grapefruit.

Great Outdoors: The perfect blend of pine and fir needle scents.

God of Thunder: Clean and crisp with fresh mint, lavender, and Patchouli notes.

Luck of the Irish: Woody notes blended with earthy Patchouli

Oatmeal Stout: This unique blend combines the rich and malty scent of oatmeal stout with the sweet and warm notes of vanilla and the distinctive bourbon undertones.

Vanilla Chai: Gently spiced and subtly sweet, with a beautiful vanilla essence.

Whiskermen: Our traditional beard butter is designed to give you all the benefits of beard butter but without the scent.


Beer Soap: 

Honey Ale – a light spicy scent like a pale ale.

Summer Ale – a crisp, refreshing ale with a twist of fresh lime.



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Beard Wizardry 101: Your Fantastically Fuzzy Face Forest Fixer Kit

Step right up, whisker whisperers and beard bearers! Introducing Beard Wizardry 101, your comprehensive toolkit for mastering the art of beardom. This isn’t just a beard care package; it’s your personal grooming grimoire, a magical trove that transforms the scruffiest of chin shrubs into resplendent bristle bastions. Here’s what you’ll find spellbound inside:

Enchanted Elixirs (Beard Oil): Choose your potion from our selection of top-tier beard oils, each brimming with the mystical properties of argan, jojoba, and sweet almond oils. Whether you fancy the zest of a citrus grove or the musk of the deep forest, there’s a scent to enchant your senses and enchant your bristles.

Cheek Churner’s Charming Beard Butter: Whip your mane into shape with a dab of our beard butter, a concoction so rich, even the driest of dwarven beards will become supple and soft. Infused with shea and cocoa butter, your beard will be as luscious as a high elf’s locks.

Ale-Infused Artisan Soap: Lather up with the frothy goodness of our beer soap, a bar brewed with the finest hops and barley for that epic tavern cleanse. Not only will your skin be as rejuvenated as a hero after a quest, but your beard will smell of adventures yet to come.

Mystical Wooden Comb: Tame the wilds of your facial foliage with our enchanted wood comb. Each tooth has been charmed to glide through knots like a wizard’s whisper, ensuring not a hair is out of place in your stately mane.

And, because every hero needs a guide, each kit includes the “Bearded Bestiary,” (From Stubble to Style Book) a tome filled with ancient wisdom and modern tips. From the secrets of beard oil alchemy to the art of mustache taming, this book is the ultimate compendium for the aspiring beard mage.

The Beard Wizardry 101 kit is your first step on the path to legendary facial hair. It’s more than just maintenance; it’s an alchemical transformation that turns mere men into maestros of manly manes. Arm yourself with the tools and knowledge contained within, and prepare to cultivate a beard that will be sung about in taverns for generations to come!

Beard Oil Ingredients:

All Natural Base Oils:

Jojoba – Excellent for your skin and beard. Has vitamins A, D, and E

Sweet Almond – Softens, and conditions your whiskers

Grapeseed – Help retain your hair’s natural oils

Argan – Amazing oil to promote strength, growth, and softness

Coconut – Helps maintain whisker health and protection in harsh environments


Beard Butter Ingredients:

Contains the Natural Base Oils listed above

Shea – Contains vitamins A, E, and F. Great for your skin and beard.

Cocoa – Contains a whole host of nutrients, including protein, potassium, and calcium—excellent moisturizer without clogging your pores.

Warning: This product can melt if not stored properly. Store in a cool and dry place with the lid secured firmly and try to keep out of direct sunlight.

**This product may melt during shipping. If that happens, place it in the refrigerator until it solidifies again.**


Additional information

Beard Oil

Barber Shop, Bearded AF, Bourbon Whiskey, Campfire, Cedar Leather, Code Red, Great Outdoors, God of Thunder, Luck of the Irish, Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla Chai, Whiskermen

Beard Butter

Barber Shop, Bearded AF, Bourbon Whiskey, Campfire, Cedar Leather, Code Red, Great Outdoors, God of Thunder, Luck of the Irish, Oatmeal Stout, Vanilla Chai, Whiskermen

Beer Soap

Honey Ale, Summer Ale



wood comb

wood comb


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Daily Routine - Bearded Wisdom, Fun Included:


  1. Wake up, greet your glorious beard like a long-lost friend, and give it a gentle pat of appreciation.
  2. Wash with beer soap, marvel at the bubbles, and unleash the bearded freshness.
  3. Apply beard oil OR butter like a bearded alchemist, conjuring softness and nourishment.
  4. Admire yourself in the mirror, nod with satisfaction – you are bearded perfection.

Throughout the Day:

  1. Occasionally run your fingers through your beard, maintaining that touch of bearded finesse.
  2. If your beard craves more buttery goodness, indulge it with a midday treat – beard butter on the go!


  1. Before bedtime, give your beard one last caress with the wood comb, parting the ways for a restful slumber.
  2. Dream of beard adventures and bearded tales until the morning sun calls you and your glorious beard into another day of greatness.



Beard Oil and Beard Butter Application - Taming the Beast:

Beard Oil Application - "Oil Up, Bearded Warrior!" After washing your beard (or even on a dry beard), add a few drops of beard oil to your palms or directly onto your skin. Rub them together like you're about to embark on a secret handshake with your beard. Now, gently massage the oil into your beard, reaching the roots and nourishing those glorious follicles. Let the beard gods do their magic as your beard absorbs the moisture and becomes soft and velvety. Ah, the power of oil!

Beard Butter Application - "Butter Up, Beard Buffet!" For the next course of your beard feast, grab a small amount of beard butter and warm it between your palms. Then, spread it evenly through your beard like a chef expertly seasoning a dish. Marvel at how the butter works its way through your beard, softening every strand and taming even the wildest hairs. This is beard bliss, folks!

Note: You will only want to use beard oil OR beard butter daily—alternate usage days for the healthiest beard.

Beer Soap Wash - Suds and Sip, Bearded Sire:

Lather Up - "Beer, Beard, and Bubbles!" Grab your beer soap and revel in its hoppy goodness. Work up a lather between your hands like a wizard conjuring a spell. Apply the magical suds to your beard, massaging it into every nook and cranny. Watch the beer's nourishing properties work magic, leaving your beard clean, invigorated, and smelling like a boozy adventure. Cheers to a fresh beard!

Note: you only need to wash your beard up to 3 times per week.

Wood Beard Comb - Carving Masterpieces, One Strand at a Time:

Tame the Mane - "Wood Magic at Your Fingertips!" Take hold of your trusty wood beard comb and run it through your beard like a sculptor chiseling a masterpiece: the smooth, polished wood glides effortlessly, untangling knots with grace. Watch your beard transform from unruly to refined, each stroke contributing to the symphony of groomed greatness. Embrace the wood's touch and be the bearded maestro!

Note: You want to comb your hair throughout your day.

Remember, bearded brethren, your beard is an extension of your personality, so take pride in grooming it like a pro. Embrace the fun and quirky side of beard care, and let your facial hair journey be a bearded tale filled with laughter, joy, and well-groomed hilarity! Now, go forth, bearded knights, and conquer the world – one comb stroke at a time!