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Beard Oil – 6 SAMPLE PACK
Beard Oil – 6 SAMPLE PACK
Beard Oil – 6 SAMPLE PACK

If naturally scented beard oils are your thing, try our Whiskermen Beard Oil Sample Pack. Select 6 of our incredible Whiskermen Beard Oils in sample size to find your favorite scent.

Barber Shop: The essence of an old-time barbershop. It will transport you to a bygone era of distinguished elegance and masculine charm.

Bearded AF: Leather, tobacco, coffee & woodsmoke.

Bourbon Whiskey: Sweet caramel top notes with creamy, vanilla, and dry woody undertones.

Campfire: A crisp, woodsy scent and a hint of clove, Campfire contains only the finest essential oils that naturally keep those bloodsuckers off you.

Cedar Leather: A classic, masculine scent with notes of woodsy, amber musk, and tonka bean.

Code Red: Spicy red composition of wood, hot amber, and red grapefruit.

Great Outdoors: The perfect blend of pine and fir needle scents.

God of Thunder: Clean and crisp with fresh mint, lavender, and Patchouli notes.

Luck of the Irish: Woody notes blended with earthy Patchouli

Oatmeal Stout: This unique blend combines the rich and malty scent of oatmeal stout with the sweet and warm notes of vanilla and the distinctive bourbon undertones.

Vanilla Chai: Gently spiced and subtly sweet, with a beautiful vanilla essence.

Whiskermen: Our traditional beard butter is designed to give you all the benefits of beard butter but without the scent.

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It's a small but meaningful way to honor your military heritage and cherished memories.
DD214 Beard Butter offers a captivating blend of bourbon, whiskey, Cuban tobacco, coffee, gunpowder, and energy drink scents. Experience a royal treatment for your beard, evoking adventure and camaraderie.
DD 214 Beard Oil

DD214 Beard Oil – the ultimate scent experience that encapsulates the journey of a military career in every drop. Energy drinks, gunpowder (no, not the real stuff), coffee, tobacco, bourbon, and whiskey..a journey you are sure to remember.

A portion of each DD214 sale will be donated to a military charity. 

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DD214 Sample Set
Experience the essence of military life with DD214 Sample Set, where sophistication meets service and companionship.
DD214 Sample Set

DD214 Beard Butter & Oil blends bourbon, whiskey, Cuban tobacco, coffee, and energy drink scents, elevating grooming. Each sale supports military charities.

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