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It's a small but meaningful way to honor your military heritage and cherished memories.
DD214 Beard Butter offers a captivating blend of bourbon, whiskey, Cuban tobacco, coffee, gunpowder, and energy drink scents. Experience a royal treatment for your beard, evoking adventure and camaraderie.
DD 214 Beard Oil

DD214 Beard Oil – the ultimate scent experience that encapsulates the journey of a military career in every drop. Energy drinks, gunpowder (no, not the real stuff), coffee, tobacco, bourbon, and whiskey..a journey you are sure to remember.

A portion of each DD214 sale will be donated to a military charity. 

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DD214 Sample Set
Experience the essence of military life with DD214 Sample Set, where sophistication meets service and companionship.
DD214 Sample Set

DD214 Beard Butter & Oil blends bourbon, whiskey, Cuban tobacco, coffee, and energy drink scents, elevating grooming. Each sale supports military charities.

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