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Experience Luck of the Irish Beard Butter: a premium grooming solution for soft, shiny, and revitalized beards. Crafted with natural fragrances, it's easy to apply and perfect for all beard types.
Beard Butter – Luck of the Irish
Beard Butter – Luck of the Irish

The scent profile of Luck of the Irish Beard Butter has a unique balance of sweet, earthy, and fresh notes that combine to create a refreshing and invigorating aroma. The sweet fragrance has a tangy undertone that adds a delightful and subtle touch to the scent. The earthy notes provide a musky base that gives depth and richness to the smell. The fresh aroma adds a clean and revitalizing touch, creating a well-rounded and enjoyable scent experience. Do you have the luck of the Irish? Well, now you can help with this refreshing Beard Butter. Crisp, woody notes blended with earthy Patchouli to create a spa-like harmonizing blend.

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