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Whiskermen Beard Butter: Crafted with natural oils and butters, our formula offers softness, shine, and control without oily residue.
We have spent months developing the perfect product that will give your beard the softness and shine you want while providing lasting control and shape of your whiskers.

Barber Shop: The essence of an old-time barbershop. It will transport you to a bygone era of distinguished elegance and masculine charm.

Bearded AF: Leather, tobacco, coffee & woodsmoke.

Bourbon Whiskey: Sweet caramel top notes with creamy, vanilla, and dry woody undertones.

Campfire: A crisp, woodsy scent and a hint of clove, Campfire contains only the finest essential oils that naturally keep those bloodsuckers off you.

Cedar Leather: A classic, masculine scent with notes of woodsy, amber musk, and tonka bean.

Code Red: Spicy red composition of wood, hot amber, and red grapefruit.

Great Outdoors: The perfect blend of pine and fir needle scents.

God of Thunder: Clean and crisp with fresh mint, lavender, and Patchouli notes.

Luck of the Irish: Woody notes blended with earthy Patchouli

Oatmeal Stout: This unique blend combines the rich and malty scent of oatmeal stout with the sweet and warm notes of vanilla and the distinctive bourbon undertones.

Vanilla Chai: Gently spiced and subtly sweet, with a beautiful vanilla essence.

Whiskermen: Our traditional beard butter is designed to give you all the benefits of beard butter but without the scent.

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Experience a variety of scents with ease using our Beard Oil - 6 Sample Pack, ideal for discovering your favorite blend.

Sampler includes:
– Barber Shop: Old-time barbershop charm.
– Bearded AF: Leather, tobacco, coffee, & woodsmoke.
– Bourbon Whiskey: Sweet caramel, vanilla, & woody undertones.
– Campfire: Woodsy with clove hints.
– Cedar Leather: Classic, with amber musk.
– Code Red: Spicy wood, amber, & grapefruit.
– Great Outdoors: Pine & fir needle blend.
– God of Thunder: Fresh mint, lavender, & Patchouli.
– Luck of the Irish: Woody with earthy Patchouli.
– Oatmeal Stout: Malty with vanilla & bourbon.
– Vanilla Chai: Subtly spiced with vanilla.
– Whiskermen: Scent-free beard butter benefits.

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