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Beard Oil – Campfire

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Campfire Beard Oil will naturally fight off those biting little bastards while sitting around the campfire or hiking through the hills. Ditch your work clothes, throw on some boots and enjoy your freedom.

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Campfire Beard Oil will naturally fight off those biting little bastards while sitting around the campfire or hiking through the hills. With a crisp woodsy scent and hint of clove, Campfire contains only the finest essential oils that naturally keep those blood suckers off you.

All of our beard oils are handcrafted in small batches using only the finest natural carrier and essential oils. Our products have no added fragrances or chemicals. Each of our beard oils are made from a perfect combination of base oils that are designed to keep your beard soft and strong, while moisturizing your skin to eliminate that nasty itch and beardruff (otherwise known as dandruff).

*Our bottles now have a child resistant dropper cap*


All Natural Base Oils:

Jojoba – Excellent for your skin and beard. Has vitamins A, D, and E

Sweet Almond – Softens and conditions your whiskers

Grapeseed – Help retain your hair’s natural oils

Argan – Amazing oil to promote strength, growth and softness

Coconut – Helps maintain whisker health and protection in harsh environments


Essential Oil Properties:

Woody and refreshing.

3 different oils with insect repellent properties.

2 reviews for Beard Oil – Campfire

  1. Christopher

    This had no review at the time of me purchasing this oil, so I didn’t know what to expect. I like the smell of clove and citronella so I figured I’d give it a shot. Well, I’m glad I did. I love wearing this for golf or when I know I’ll be working outside most of the day. The citronella helps with keeping those little buggers away and the clove smells great. I would recommend this to anyone and will buy this again.

  2. Marc

    I love this oil. It’s what you wear when you’re packing up your first generation 4Runner with the fellows and ready to hit the show. It’s also great for camping as it’s scent lasts me all day. It has a hippy vibe, and is completely amazing. As always, it’s base oils are what’s most important, and they are nice and thin to keep your beard and skin healthy.

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Apply a dime to nickel size puddle in your palm and rub into your hands to even the distribution. Work the beard oil into the skin and then onto the beard. We prefer applying after a nice warm shower because the pores of your skin are open and the oil will work itself into the skin. Lastly, use one of our handcrafted combs or brushes to tame the greatness on your face.

We recommend the following amounts:
Peach fuzz to 1/4 inch - 3-4 drops per application
1/4 to 1 inches - 4-6 drops per application
1 to 3 inches - 6-10 drops per application
3+ inches - 10 drops and up per application

Enjoy and Grow Greatness

Safety Note: Please remember that these oils may react with your skin if you are sensitive to any of the natural ingredients. Perform a patch test before using to ensure you have no reaction to the natural oils. If irritation occurs, discontinue the use.